“Being coached by Johnny can be like having an ice-cold bucket of water thrown in my face – surprising, shocking but also utterly stimulating (without feeling all damp afterwards).”


“Being coached by Johnny is like being nudged back to your own values and goals again. I think it’s so easy to get lost in what you thinkĀ the world expects you to be.”


“It feels like walking into a room with three doors. You think you know what’s behind each door. As you walk towards the first door you suddenly fall through a hidden trap door into cold bath.Ā At first you feel shock, even a little discomfort, and then you suddenly feel invigorated and alive again.”


“Having coaching from Johnny was like having an exciting and productive conversation with a friend over a cuppa, filled with ease, fun and discovery. A warm and meaningful approach to getting creative with purpose.”


“Being coached by Johnny is like a wonky firework on Bonfire Night – I have no idea of which direction it is going to go but when it does, our conversation sparkles, crackles and excites.”


“Being coached by Johnny was like taking the bull (my life!) by the horns and saying “Woah! Let’s steer this thing.” Surprise, surprise I could steer the bull! After a while it didn’t feel like a bull anymore…more like a horse…and I’m beginning to really enjoy the journey and the challenges up ahead.”