I want to change the world.
One leader at a time.


I’ve experienced the power of coaching in my own life many times.

It’s given me the courage to try things I hadn’t dreamed of, the insight to save huge amounts of time and effort and the wisdom to know what really matters most in my own life.

However, the best thing about coaching is the difference it has made to the relationships around me. The way it has changed the lives of others as much as my own.

That’s what I mean by changing the world, one leader at a time.


I think I coach differently to most other life coaches. Here’s how I do it.

Going first

One thing that makes me really mad is when I see a coach telling a client to “feel the fear and do it anyway” when it has been years since they truly did the same.

I won’t expect any client to experience any emotion that I haven’t experienced myself recently. I aim to be braver, more vulnerable and bolder than my clients so that they find it easier to accept some of the challenges I may offer them. A coaching relationship is a partnership and I’ll always aim to match whatever my clients bring to the table.

Potential rather than vulnerability

One of the things that worries me most about the personal development industry are the amount of quick fixes and false promises that are promoted in order to attract vulnerable people DESPERATE for change.

If I think that a client is vulnerable and needs help I won’t coach them. I’ll refer them to a counsellor or therapist rather than a coach.

I look for potential rather than vulnerability when finding clients. My ideal client doesn’t need a coach, but will move faster and achieve more with one.

I look for courage, creativity and commitment from potential clients. Not need.

Simplicity rather than pseudo science

I have grown tired of life coaches using pseudo science to justify their beliefs and methods. Waxing lyrically about complicated theories that supposedly explain everything life has to offer.

I belief that life is beautiful because it is a mystery.

Our job is not to understand it, but to be able to navigate and embrace it.

This approach doesn’t make life any easier, but it does make it very simple.

I like simple, because, in my opinion, you get more done and have more fun.


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