Here’s my story

As a young man I suffered badly with low self esteem, severe anxiety and heavy bouts of depression.

I was unhappy and desperate to fix myself.

Studying success and self improvement books was the way I went about doing that.

Over the next ten years every penny I had went on courses, books and audio programmes. I felt I had found the answer to all of life’s problems.

Ten years later I had failed to make a relationship last more than twelve months, was £17,000 in debt and was working sixty hours a week on a small business that earned me little more than the average wage.

I had read everything I could on self development and only succeeded in becoming self righteous, narcissistic and deluded.

I discovered that there was a huge amount of money being made out of some deeply unhappy people.

I saw much of the self help industry for what it really was. An industry.

I rejected it the concept of self improvement in favour of self acceptance.

Simply, being more me.

And now you’re a life coach?

I guess so!

Despite avoiding the personal development industry for 5 years, I made friends with a coach. A very good coach.

That friendship turned into coaching.

And that coaching changed the way I viewed coaches.

That coach was John P Morgan Jr. (Who now charges $150,000 a year for his 1-1 coaching and is fast becoming one of the most influential coaches on the planet)

I was blown away by the way he saw the world and ran his own coaching business.

His example showed me that there was a way to coach which wasn’t self righteous, manipulative and ineffective.

He taught by example, he created outstanding relationships and he coached with courage I had never seen before. 

He helped me take “being more me” to a totally different level. 

I learnt that I was passionate about being a life coach, even if life coaching wasn’t the most credible industry to be associated with.

I could be a life coach, but in my own way.

Blending my experience of high quality coaching with my own experience of business and relationships I developed

You can find out more about my style of coaching here

It’s kind of like life coaching, but for people that don’t like life coaches.