I speak to a lot of people who run their own small business.

I know from personal experience that even the smallest business can sometimes get confusing.

Positioning, pricing, sales, cash flow projections, recruitment… The list of skill sets can appear endless.

And whenever I hear of an Entrepreneur getting into this head space I ask them to do one thing.


Simplify things down to their very core essentials.

The word “Entrepreneur” comes from two french words.

“Entre” which means “between”, and “Prendre” which means “take”

Essentially any business is simply a means of creating value by supplying something with which there is a demand for.

A business is just a conduit to take goods or services between a seller and a buyer.

It’s very simple really.

For example.

Google help us all by supplying us with fast, accurate and up to date knowledge via computers and smart phones.

Without our demand for knowledge, there would be no Google.

No matter how big Google may get, it can never lead the market. Only serve.

So, whenever I get confused about my business I go back to asking the simple question.

What are my clients demanding.

Am I supplying what they are demanding?

If I am not sure, I go out tot the market and speak to people, connect with them in order to find out what they currently want.

The more people I connect with the more I know about what they want.

The more I know about what they want the more I can create value for them.

The more value I can create for them the more money I can make.


Has your business got too complicated?

Want some help simplifying it?

Let’s talk, it’ll be fun.