Everyone likes “Hope” right?

After all, hope is nice, reassuring and makes us feel good.

It’s optimistic.

It sounds like it is a good thing. It sounds harmless.

However, on closer examination it could be the biggest problem you face.

After all, hope is, by definition, passive.

It involves waiting, expecting and doing nothing.

It keeps you afloat but doesn’t get things done.

With hope alone you can actually look quite busy, but there is no guarantee that anything is going to actually happen.

So what is better than hope?


Commitment is what makes things happen, not hope.

Perhaps you have already heard the well known story of the Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortes. In 1519 he  seized the treasure that the Aztec Empire had defended for over 600 years.

Hope was in short supply among the 600 men and 11 ships he took to Yucatan that day.

In fact a few men were thinking of turning back and setting sail for nearby Cuba where they knew they had a safe harbour.

Getting wind of the plot to mutiny, Cortes captured these sailors and said three words that changed the level of commitment for every other member of his fleet.

“Burn the ships”

He notified everyone that if they were going home, it would have to be in the ships of the Aztecs rather than their own. He burnt 10 ships leaving a single ship to send treasure back to Spain.

These words did not give the men any more hope, but it did change their level of commitment.

Hope is nice, but commitment is what gets results.

So how do you commit more?

Actions speak louder than words

One thing you learn in business after a few years is that, “People don’t always say what they mean, and they don’t always mean what they say”

Talk is cheap compared to the value of someone actually putting money on the table.

Poker is a great example of this.

Often the person with the strongest hand will say the least, and the amount of money they are willing to bet says everything.

Are you talking a good game but committing little? Are your results reflecting this?

Ask for money

Any start up business will know that there is a big difference between “interest” and “commitment”.

When you are asking for money you are not really asking for money. You are asking for commitment.

If you are not asking for commitment, you are unlikely to get it.

You are in hope territory again.

Ask for money, if you want commitment.

Get a coach

Getting a coach is the ultimate in commitment. It involves time, money and accountability.

There is literally no where to hide.

If you want to take your dreams seriously, a coaching relationship is the difference between a professional and a dreamer.

So why not end your relationship with hope, and start a new one with commitment?

Commitment to progress, action and a better life and business.

If you want me to be that coach, get in contact today.

A free clarity conversation, you need only commit 90 minutes, could be the best decision you make this year.