“Be yourself.

Everyone else

is already



Oscar Wilde

About Johnny

15 years ago I walked out of a well paid sales job to build a business around my passion for health and fitness.

This decision solved many problems for me, but it also created a few more.

  • How to create balance when you do a job you are so passionate about?
  • How to turn that passion into profit?
  • How to share this life with someone else?

A divorce, 12 years small business experience and being fortunate enough to expertise world class coaching myself inspired me to dedicate my next business to helping others with these challenges.

Johnny Lympus Coaching, is dedicated to helping busy entrepreneurs build successful companies in a fun, sustainable way that creates the time they want to do everything else in life.

If you feel like want more time, more balance and more impact let’s talk.

It’ll be fun.



Johnny Lympus has twelve years coaching and small-business experience, and is the owner of Urban Vitality Ltd. He has 2:1 degree in philosophy and history of ideas from Cardiff University, is studying a masters in NLP and clinical hypnotherapy, and is a qualified EFT practitioner. He has completed many physical challenges including five marathons, an “Ironman” triathlon, and helped raise £25,000 for UK Stem Cell Research as a member of a team that doggy paddled the length of the River Thames. He is married to Victoria who is a freelance editor. They live in Brentford, West London.