About Johnny

15 years ago I swapped a well paid software sales job in London, for the opportunity to be my own boss.

I swapped the boredom and security of a job, for adventure and uncertainty of running my own business.

I loved it from the first day, however I also learnt that becoming an entrepreneur had some pretty unique challenges of it’s own!

  • Like finding the time for relationships, friends and family.
  • Like staying passionate about your business
  • Like being able to switch off and take holidays

I realised that if I wanted to have a great lifestyle as well as a strong business it had to be build around both passion and profit,

There was no point in creating a profit if I wasn’t passionate about the way I made it, and there was no point in being passionate about something if I wasn’t making any profit.

I wanted to aim for something more than just being a successful entrepreneur, I wanted to become a successful and a sustainable entrepreneur.

And that is why I started

A company focused on developing authentic entrepreneurship through coaching leaders who can change the world.

What is a Authentic Entrepreneurship?

Authentic Entrepreneurship is about creating profitable and impactful organisations based on an entrepreneurs’ deepest “core” values, rather than just profitable ones. I believe that authentic organisations can be more robust, more profitable, more scalable and easier to run, but require a different leadership skillset. My passion is in teaching this skillset to the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow in order to create a better world for us all.

Johnny Limpus has twelve years coaching and small-business experience, and is the owner of Urban Vitality Ltd. He has 2:1 degree in philosophy and history of ideas from Cardiff University, is studying a masters in NLP and clinical hypnotherapy, and is a qualified EFT practitioner. He has completed many physical challenges including five marathons, an “Ironman” triathlon, and helped raise £25,000 for UK Stem Cell Research as a member of a team that doggy paddled the length of the River Thames. He is married to Victoria who is a freelance editor. They live in Brentford, West London.