I don’t think we are all born to be great.

In fact, I think some of us are born to be damn right mediocre.*

However, I do think we must all DARE to be great.

For me that is an absolute requirement of human happiness…

Here’s why…

You’ll sleep better

You hear it all the time don’t you?

“Life is a compromise”

And perhaps there is an element of truth in that.

But what are you compromising on?

Are you compromising on a compromise? Where does that leave you?

How do you ever know if you could have had a 9 if you only ever went for a 7?

Regret is a terrible thing.

Unlike fear, which grabs you like a raging bull, regret can irritate you for day after day like an annoying mosquito.

It’s hard to sleep with a mosquito in the room isn’t it?

Always there. Always teasing you, it never shuts up.

That’s you life, that is.

Unless you kill the regret.

I dare you to find out what you are really capable of.

To fail immeasurably, and possibly succeed wonderfully, so that you never need doubt again.

You’ll sleep better, when you know the truth rather than the potential of what you are capable of.

You’ll like yourself more

You can buy lots of things;

You can buy a great body by hiring a brilliant surgeon.

You can buy great teeth.

You can even buy interesting conversation if you go on enough holidays.

But you can’t buy self respect.

You can only get that by daring to be great.

By attempting something that you knew you could fail at.

By attempting something that was way beyond what you thought you were capable of.

That’s how you earn self respect.

Dare to be great.

You’ll look at yourself differently in the mirror the day after.

Not because you are great, but because you dared to be.

You’ll be a nicer person

Greatness is always about jumping further than think you can.

How is the gap filled?

Normally by other people’s help.

That’s why by simply DARING to be great you’ll instantly become a nicer person.

You’ll realise that no matter how good you think you are, you’ll need other people’s help to succeed.

Greatness needs humility, isn’t that ironic!

You want to be great, you’ll need other people’s help.

Dare to be great, it will make you a nicer person.

So what have you got to lose?

The price for better sleep, more self respect and to be a nice person is cheap. It’s your ego.

And how do we know when the ego is in trouble? That’s when you feel the fear.

The real fear, that you have being running away from all these years.

Want some help with going there?

Get a coach. Make sure it is me. A clarity conversation is free.

*Nothing wrong with mediocre btw. 

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