More impact.

More balance.

More you.


"Monday Motivation Newsletter"

More impact, more fun, more you. #daretobeyou

What is life coaching?

It’s about changing your world, one conversation at a time.

Creating more impact, more balance and more fun.

All by simply being more you.




Clarity Conversation

What if all you needed was a little clarity?


Life Made Simple

What if life was meant to be simple?

Meaningful Money

What if money was really about meaning?

Modern Masculinity

What if masculinity was about courage rather than control?

Here is What My Clients Are Saying

Being coached by Johnny can be like having an ice-cold bucket of water thrown in my face – surprising, shocking but also utterly stimulating (without feeling all damp afterwards).


“Having coaching from John was like having an exciting and productive conversation with a friend over a cuppa, filled with ease, fun and discovery. A warm and meaningful approach to getting creative with purpose.”


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What is life coaching?

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